Consumer Confidence Report

What is a Consumer Confidence report?

In 1996, Congress amended the Safe Drinking Water Act. It added a provision requiring that all community water systems deliver to their customers a brief annual water quality report. Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR's) summarize information that the water system already collects to comply with regulations. Every community water system that has at least 15 service connections serving year round residents must prepare and distribute a report. These systems typically include cities, towns, homeowners associations, and trailer parks. Each water system must deliver its annual report to consumers by July of the following year. Although the Village of Mt. Orab analyzes for many contaminants, only those contaminants that were detected are listed within the table. This report is based on data collected within the last five years unless otherwise noted. Not all contaminants are required to be analyzed each year. The table lists those contaminants detected most recently within the past five years.

2023 CCR Report (Printable PDF)





Water meters are read and customers are billed for water, sewer, and refuse service on a monthly basis. Residents living inside the Village of Mt. Orab are billed for water and refuse service. Customers inside Mt. Orab with sewer service are also billed monthly. Sewer service is not provided to customers outside the Village of Mt. Orab.

Water rates, which are listed in this brochure, are recommended by the Board of Public Affairs with the approval of the Village of Mt. Orab Council. Customers are billed by the 25th of each month with a due date of the 5th of the following month. A 10% late fee is charged for amounts received after the due date. Accounts with a past due balance after the 15th of the month are subject to shutoff.


The billing procedures and policies for the Mt. Orab Board of Public Affairs are as follows: